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The Frank Windemuller Group is a quartet led by pianist and composer Frank Windemuller. The group plays compositions written by Frank, music rooted in modern jazz, but influenced by a much broader musical spectrum.

Balancing between improvisation and composition, between individual and collective, between simplicity and complexity are key elements in this music, but most important is the emotional content of the music, and the need to communicatie this content to the audience.

The Frank Windemuller Group played (a.o.) at the Harmos Plural Festival in Portugal, the semi finals of the Dutch Jazz competition in the 'Bimhuis' in Amsterdam, and at 'VPRO's Vrije Geluiden'.

In may 2014, their debut album 'METEORITE' came out, recorded in the renowned Fattoria Musica Studio's in Osnabrück (Germany). This Album was presented in jazzclub Paradox (Tilburg).



Dark brown lemon pie.










The Frank Windemuller Group is:

Frank Windemuller - Piano & Composition

David Romanello - Alto Saxophone

Tom Nieuwenhuijse - Drums

Joost Verbakel - Double Bass

.... four passionate and talented musicians of the newer generation, each with a strong individual musical personality. But, above all, four musicians who know the value of a strong and inspired collective sound, and of music with a soul!


0 (031) 6 12086380

Frank Windemuller Group

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