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Prices and terms


(Piano lessons, music theory, ear training a.o.)

The price of a lesson is dependent on the age of the student:

In case of students of 21 years or older, I have to pay BTW (VAT), this means that these lessons are more expensive. In case of students of 20 years or younger this does not apply.

I work with packages of 10 lessons of 60 or 45 minutes. (30 minutes is also possible, but only on a weekly basis).

Single lessons (without immediately buying a package) are also possible, they are more expensive.

A lesson can occasionally be cancelled, as long as the cancellation is more than 24 hours in advance. A lesson that is cancelled within 24 hours prior to the planned time will be charged.

Prices for students of 20 years or younger:

A package of 10 lessons of 60 minutes: €350,-

A package of 10 lessons of 45 minutes: €265,-

Single lesson (or following lessons without immediately committing to 10 lessons):


60 minutes: €55,-

45 minutes: €42,-


Prices for students of 21 years and older:

A package of 10 lessons of 60 minutes: €420,-

A package of 10 lessons of 45 minutes: €315,-

Single lesson (or following lessons without immediately committing to 10 lessons):

60 minutes: €55,-

45 minutes: €42,-

Prices of band coaching etcetera are dependent on the specific situation (location, number of people, preparation etc). Call or mail me if you're interested in something like this.

Discounts are possible if you want to buy a package of multiple lessons of one hour! Call me or mail me about the possibilities.

Frequency of lessons:

Regular lessons (weekly, every two weeks) as well as irregular or single lessons are possible.  

It is possible to have lessons at another location, however, this will be more expensive. If you are interested in this, contact me for more information.

Lessons can be in Dutch (my mother tongue) English and German.

For further details, call me or mail me:

06 12086380 

Or go to contact on this site.

As a teacher I work at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem (Netherlands), where I teach theory of music, solfège and harmony at the piano to students in jazz and pop music.

But I'm working as a private piano teacher as well. These lessons usually take place in my studio at the Transformatorplein in Arnhem.

I still have room for new students!

What do the lessons look like?

The focus of the piano lessons is the personal musical development of the student. What are your musical goals, what is your taste, what are your strengths and your weaknesses? Every student is different and needs a different approach. Lessons are not limited to one style: I teach jazz, pop, classical (up to a certain point), and everything in between. Beginners and advanced students, and all ages. 

Improvisation, composition,

learn how to arrange pop- and/or jazzmusic yourself,

accompanying yourself or someone else,

playing together, playing in a band,

development of technique,

learn to read sheet music,

music theory,

ear training,

learn to study more efficiently,

extra lessons piano or music theory for conservatory students,

dealing with playing anxiety,

jazz, pop, rock, blues,


...are all possible topics of interest. In the end, everything revolves around finding and following your own musical path.

Beginners get to know the instrument, the music, and all the stuff that's needed to develop as a musician in a playful way. Listening, improvisation, reading music and so on. Every aspect is dealt with from a musical perspective.

Advanced students will often be focusing more on specific wishes, and topics that need development. Which aspects of your musicianship are going well, and which need some more attention? In which direction do you want to develop, and what do you need for this to happen? 

But more specific wishes are welcome too. Pianists of an advanced level searching for a more relaxed piano technique. Graduated classical pianists who want to develop their improvisational skills, or know their way better in the jazz or pop vocabulary, for instance to use this in their own work as a teacher. Theory and solfège lessons. Preparation for auditioning at a conservatory. A one-day band coaching to prepare for a CD recording. Together we can look at any specific idea or goal you have in mind, if you have a wish that's not in this list, don't hesitate to call me or mail me.

My experience as a teacher:


  • Teacher at the ArtEZ conservatory in Arnhem (NL), teaching music theory, harmony at the piano, solfège. August 2015 - present

  • Private piano teacher. 2002-present

  • Piano teacher at 'de Jacobiberg' (popschool), 2006-2016

  • Piano teacher at the Rhythm & Groove Factory in Kleve (Germany). 2006-2015

  • Regular substitute teacher at 'de Lindenberg' (music school in Nijmegen) and 'het Kunstbedrijf' (music school in Arnhem). 2006~2011.

  • Band coaching at the FHK (Conservatory in Tilburg). 2015

I teach piano, but other instruments are possible too: Different keyboards, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ.

Relevant educations and degrees:

Master of Music (M.M.), jazzpiano and composition at the 'Fontys Hogeschool voor de Kunsten' (Conservatory) in Tilburg (NL). Teachers (selection): Jeroen van Vliet, Rembrandt Frerichs, Bert van den Brink, Harmen Fraanje. Minor classical piano: Frank van der Tak. Composition: Jurjen van Geenen, Cees van den Bergh. For more info: About Frank

Piano lessons

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